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A new way...

Hi good people of the ether. I'm excited to announce that we are starting a new worship community in early 2019. It will be relaxed and chilled out (that's our name - Chill Church) and welcoming to all. There are heaps of great churches in Burleigh Heads, but we wanted to do something a bit more ... 'Burleigh' and laid-back. We don't intend on having a rock band so loud that your ears bleed, but rather an unplugged atmosphere of acoustic music and uplifting worship songs.

Everyone is welcome of course, but we would like to especially extend a warm welcome to those people who may have felt rejected or dismissed by churches in the past; including single parents, LGBTIQ, refugees or anyone else.  This will be a safe and welcoming community committed to the values of Faith, Love & Service as embodied by Jesus. 

We are looking for committed foundation members to help as we start this new initiative. If you are interested, please contact me soon as we are in the thrilling time of planning and preparation.  I'm always up for a coffee and a chat, so if you are interested let me know. I look forward to hearing from you – Rev. Eron.

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